Welcome to Mrs. Penrod’s Room!

It has been a great week back at work so far! I really enjoyed the training we received on our new writing curriculum, “The Write Tools,” and I have had lots of time to get ready for the upcoming school year. We’ve had several student volunteers so I’ve had lots of help with my projects – mostly printing, laminating, and cutting out TpT materials! The two I am the most excited about are Understanding Auditory Direction Picture Plates:

and a freebie, goal cards:


The blank blue cards have student names on the back. At the beginning of each session, I will have them find their goals behind their names (written in their own words or kid-friendly language) and figure out which one we are working on that day. I’m hoping to increase my students’ awareness of their goals and improve their “buy-in” and motivation during activities. I’ll also have them tracking their own data a ton this year so they can see how much they’re learning and improving. I’ll have to find a spot in my room for a “brag wall.” By the way, the orange, green, and yellow cards in the bottom rows are skills and standards my district uses instead of the Common Core.

I’ve also had lots of time to set up my room. Check it out!

image1image1 (2)image1 copyimage4IMG_1046image1 (1)

I’m super excited about the curtains I put up to cover my bookshelves. I think it will make a huge difference for my distractible kids who are always eyeing Candyland and the bubbles when they’re supposed to be listening. I also plan to use the “jellyfish chairs” more this year. We’ve had them in our learning lab, where our mild-moderate learning specialists work with students, and I only occasionally brought them into my room last year. Some students can’t handle them, but for others, it provides just enough movement and sensory input to keep them focused and engaged. Now all that’s missing is the kids! I can’t wait to see how everyone has grown over the summer and hear about their fun adventures.

I hope you enjoyed your “tour” of my room. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Mrs. Penrod’s Room!

  1. Julie A Smith says:


    I am just wondering where you bought the holder that you use for the Editable Goal tags? This seems like a wonderful idea. I tried something similar last year, but it wasn’t as good. This seems perfect!

    Thank you.


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