Speech and Language Summer Activities

Are you giving your students “homework” for the summer?

Many of the parents of my students asked for suggestions for things to do over the summer. The biggest thing I want my students to do to continue learning and practicing the skills they have learned all school year is to read books at their level. I want them to choose topics they are interested in and engage with the texts. I put together a few hand outs and resources to give parents to guide their children’s reading. I’m giving my parents a hand out explaining how to find books at their child’s level, reading strategies and comprehension questions printed on bookmarks, a KWLS chart, a main idea and details graphic organizer, and a story retell graphic organizer. These activities target at least 50% of the language IEP goals on my caseload (explicit and implicit comprehension questions, identifying the main idea, summarizing, retelling) so hopefully my students won’t be too rusty when they come back in the fall.

I’m also putting together work packets with specific sound targets for my articulation and phonology kiddos.

And everyone will get a “punny” end of the year gift of bubbles from Mrs. P!


Check out my language and reading summer activities packet and FREEBIE bubbles gift tags in my TpT store!

I’d love to hear what you’re giving your students to work on over the summer!


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